How Temperature Changes and Condensation Affect Your Roof

Winter has been wreaking havoc on your roof all winter. And, with spring just around the corner, we thought we’d discuss one of the major ailments that can effect a roof; condensation. And, this is a popular time of the year for issues to arise and roof repair to be scheduled. Condensation, as a cold snap dissipates and the air warms, can cause some big problems. When left unchecked, it can cause a lot of damage and the need for expensive roof repair for the interior and exterior of your home is imminent. Here are a few questions we’ve received about condensation. And, if you find yourself in the need for roof repair in Maplewood, give the experts here at JTR Roofing a call.

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What is condensation? When tiny drops of water appear as a result of warm, moist air coming into contact with a cold surface.

What causes condensation? The rising hot air in your attic combined with cold outside temperatures can result in moisture inside your home. The water can also become trapped between the roof and your insulation. Leading causes of roofing condensation are inadequate ventilation and insulation. Shoddy workmanship during roof repair or installation may be another contributing factor. It is important to hire professionals in roof repair to avoid this type of issue.
What causes it to affect the home? Poor ventilation, poor insulation, and or high relative
humidity in the home.

What are the signs? Roof condensation often goes on for quite some time before it’s noticed. Signs of water damage appear in the attic before spreading into ceilings and walls. Without a professional inspection, you may not know for sure. Condensation can create moisture in the attic, water stains on the ceilings and damp spots on the walls.

What’s the worst case scenario if left unchecked? If condensation reaches the wooden roof rafters and trusses without proper roof repair, the structural integrity of the roof may be compromised. Without proper support, the roof could sag, rot or even collapse.

What are the solutions? Proper ventilation and insulation, keeping the relative humidity at the lowest comfortable levels when it is subzero outside and proper, professional roof repair are all great solutions. Experts in roof repair like those here at JTR Roofing can make sure that your attic space has the proper airflow and materials to allow moisture to effectively escape.

So, before this cold snap turns into condensation in your roof, contact the professionals in roof repair today! For more information on roof repair in Maplewood, call JTR Roofing, roofing contractor, at 651-777-7394 or Contact Us.

Caring for Your Home’s Siding

Siding is your first line of defense against the elements so it is important to know the signs that indicate it could use repair or replacement as well as how to care for it. As a siding contractor for Roseville and the surrounding areas, we have seen our fair share of issues with various types of siding. But with some basic care and maintenance, your home’s siding should last you for quite some time. But, what type of cleaning you need to perform depends on the type of siding you have. So we thought we would take the time to go over how to care for a few of the most common types of siding we install as a siding contractor.

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Vinyl siding is an excellent choice for most types of homes. A siding contractor like us knows how to properly install it so it will last for many many years. Cleaning vinyl siding is pretty easy. Clean vinyl siding about twice a year using a pressure washer. Mix water and a small amount of laundry detergent and spray it on the vinyl siding with the pressure washer. Be sure to rinse the soap off thoroughly with plain water. This of course should not be done in the winter months. It is best to wait until spring so that nothing freezes.


Aluminum siding is a fairly low-maintenance material but you should clean this type of siding the same way you do vinyl: with a pressure washer and a mixture of water and a small amount of laundry detergent. Be sure you never scrape your aluminum siding, and if you have to patch it, use a filler that is made especially for metals.


Wood siding is a lovely material and is as natural and it is beautiful. Cleaning wood siding is also a pretty simple task. You need a bucket of warm water, a mild soap and a soft-bristled brush. Clean each section of your wood siding from top to bottom and be sure to rinse it thoroughly. Wood siding is usually sealed and stained before it is installed. A siding contractor like us will be sure of it. So you should not have to worry about the wood becoming rotted. But again, it is best to wait until spring to perform the all-important task of cleaning it.

This winter, keep an eye out for issues with your siding like mold, mildew or other types of damage. And, if you notice something, contact the experts at JTR Roofing as soon as you can.

Are you interested in hiring a reliable and professional siding contractor in Roseville? Call JTR Roofing, siding contractor, at 651-777-7394 or Contact Us.

Thank You and Happy Holidays from JTR Roofing

With the end of 2017 quickly approaching, we want to take a moment to thank all our wonderful clients for their support. We have been serving the Twin Cities area for 25 years, providing professional roofing and home exterior services. We could not be in business this long without the support and patronage from so many of you!

As this year winds down, we just want to thank each and every one of you for choosing JTR Roofing, whether as a new or returning customer. We hope you will trust us with all your future roofing and home exterior needs!

We wish each of you a merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous new year!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Baby it’s Cold Outside…Keep the Cold Out with Window Replacement

It’s that chilly time of year again! Are you tired of putting shrink wrap plastic up over your old, outdated windows? Or trying a number of other energy saving techniques each year to help curb the cost of your high heat bill? These techniques can take a toll; both financially and mentally. Everyone that’s ever struggled with drafty old windows can relate to the struggle. The struggle is real! It is time to take control over your heat’s efficiency with window replacement for your Woodbury home.

Window Replacement WoodburyThe experts at JTR Roofing are here to help! We can install new, energy efficient windows to help you save time and money not just during the heating season; but year-round! In addition to heat savings, new windows can improve on the value of your home making an incredible return on your investment.

If you replace your windows tomorrow and sell your home the following day, you should be able to recoup the majority of your cost. One of the top features home buyers look for in a new home is energy efficient windows. So, there’s nothing to lose! Your property value may increase, which also increases your resale value. Another often overlooked benefit of window replacement is curb appeal. Simply put, new windows look amazing!

Purchasing new windows might seem costly at first, but after evaluating your monthly energy savings year after year, it’s one of the best home improvements you can make. Did you know that older, single-pane windows are often the source of much of your home’s heat loss? Energy efficient windows can substantially reduce the costs associated with heating and cooling. High-performance windows not only provide reduced annual heating and cooling bills, they also reduce the peak heating and cooling loads. Cold glass can create uncomfortable drafts as air next to the window is cooled and drops to the floor. New windows can stop this vicious cycle!

Your home is the place you live, learn and grow. It’s the place you go for comfort. So, ensure the comfort of your home with new, energy efficient windows. The benefits of window replacement far outway the cost.

Not sure if you need new windows or what kind will suit your personal tastes? The experts at JTR Roofing, siding contractor, can help you choose the right window replacement for your Woodbury home. Give us a call today at 651-777-7394 or Contact Us.

To Repair or Replace? That is the Question

How do you know when your roof is in need of repairs? With so many storms popping up, chances are you could require some repairs soon. After the storm passes, one of the first things you should look at is your roof. Whether you can physically get up there to take a look yourself or simply look for signs inside; it is essential to find any roof related issues as soon as possible. And, with cooler weather and winter being just around the corner, now is an important time to make sure your roof is in tip-top shape. JTR Roofing specializes in roof repair for Minneapolis, providing quality, professional roof installation and repair. Take the following areas into consideration when deciding whether a roof replacement or repair is in order and how to decide what kind of roof is right for you.

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Are your roof’s shingles curled or buckling? This is another sign that you may need a roofing installation. Look at the slopes of your home that get direct sunlight and if you notice the shingles are curling and/or losing granules, give us a call.

Missing shingles are another sign your roof could be failing. Our experts at JTR Roofing can take a look at your shingles and let you know if you will need roof repair or roof replacement.


Have you noticed any leaks inside? Or, have any trees or limbs recently fallen onto your roof? Take a close look at your home’s gutters as well. Do you see any granules collecting in your gutters or downspouts? We can come out and take a look at your roof and make any necessary repairs or let you know if you are in need of roofing replacement.


General deterioration and telltale signs of wear and tear on your current roof is often your best indicator. How old is your roof? The average roof lifespan is expected to be roughly two decades. If your roof is nearing this point, you should consider having it looked at by a roofing contractor like JTR Roofing.

Whatever the issue, JTR Roofing can advise you on what roof repair or roof replacement you require. While we always do our best to make sure you get a fair and reasonable price of any roofing repair or replacement services you get from us, some roofing materials are more budget-friendly than others. Talk to a roofing contractor at JTR Roofing and they can give you some estimates.
Of course, if you have any questions about roof repair, you can always call us for our expert advice.

If you would like more information about hiring us for roof repair in Minneapolis or for any of our other roofing services, call JTR Roofing at 612-419-6906 or you can Contact Us.

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