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  • JTR Roofing Inc.

    Why Quality Roofing Matters

    RoofingPublished: July 27th, 2018JTR Roofing, Inc.

    Like many homeowners, you likely don’t give your roofing much thought. But your roof is an integral part of your home and is its first and only line of defense against weather. So, it is important that there are quality roofing materials protecting your home, […]

  • JTR Roofing Inc.

    Help Your Home Recover from Summer Storm Damage

    SidingPublished: July 12th, 2018JTR Roofing, Inc.

    Minnesota will see some storms before the summer is over and there is a possibility your home will experience some form of damage. Even a short-lived hailstorm can take a chunk out of your siding, dimple your entire home’s siding or cause damage to your […]

  • JTR Roofing Inc.

    Hire Locally for Your Summer Storm Roof Repair

    RoofingPublished: June 25th, 2018JTR Roofing, Inc.

    Severe summer weather has already arrived here in Minnesota. Just the other week we had heavy rain, extreme heat and thunderstorms. Worried high winds have done some damage or will do some damage to your roof before summer is over? Has a branch fallen on […]

  • JTR Roofing Inc.

    Choosing the Right Roofing Contractor

    RoofingPublished: June 15th, 2018JTR Roofing, Inc.

    When you need roof repair or replacement it is so very essential to hire a roofing company you can depend on. As a residential roofing contractor for St Paul, and the entire Twin Cities area, we know what all of our customers look for in […]

  • JTR Roofing Inc.

    Need-to-Know Deck Repair for Summer

    Home ExteriorsPublished: May 25th, 2018JTR Roofing, Inc.

    Your deck is a central location in the home for relaxing and entertaining. That’s why, when something goes wrong with it, it’s essential to have it fixed as soon as possible. No one likes inviting all their friends and family over for a barbecue only […]

  • JTR Roofing Inc.

    Summer Storms Bring Summer Roof Repair

    RoofingPublished: May 14th, 2018JTR Roofing, Inc.

    Spring is in full swing, and summer is just around the corner, bringing with it big summer storms common to the Midwest. Summer storm hallmarks like high winds, hail, and downed trees can cause a variety of damages to a roof and it is essential […]

  • JTR Roofing Inc.

    Hire a Professional Remodeling Contractor for Your Home Remodel or House Flip

    Home ExteriorsPublished: April 13th, 2018JTR Roofing, Inc.

    Looking to do an extensive remodel on your home? Some of the most essential parts of a remodel is the roofing, siding and windows. These three key parts make up what people call “good bones” of a home and are often three areas that can […]

  • JTR Roofing Inc.

    How to Ensure a Quality Roof that Looks Great and Lasts

    RoofingPublished: March 16th, 2018JTR Roofing, Inc.

    Installing a new roof is an important decision for the overall look, comfort and structural integrity of your home. Imagine committing to the same shirt for the next two to three decades. It’s important to find one that suits all of your needs, looks great […]

  • JTR Roofing Inc.

    How Temperature Changes and Condensation Affect Your Roof

    RoofingPublished: February 15th, 2018JTR Roofing, Inc.

    Winter has been wreaking havoc on your roof all winter. With spring just around the corner, we thought we’d discuss one of the major ailments that can affect a roof: condensation. This is a popular time of the year for issues to arise and roof […]

  • JTR Roofing Inc.

    Caring for Your Home’s Siding

    SidingPublished: January 19th, 2018JTR Roofing, Inc.

    Siding is your first line of defense against the elements so it is important to know the signs that indicate it could use repair or replacement as well as how to care for it. As a siding contractor for Roseville and the surrounding areas, we […]

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