How to Prevent Roof Damage this Winter

The holidays are officially here and most of the country has already seen its first snow. These cold temperatures as well as ice and snow can take a toll on area homes and their roofs. It is essential to keep an eye on your roof to avoid ice dams and other roof damaging occurrences. Large amounts of snow and ice can quickly become troublesome, causing ice dams to form as the snow accumulates, melts and accumulates. As the trusted residential roofing contractor for Oakdale and the entire Twin Cities area, we would like to offer up some ways to help prevent damage to your home and its roof this winter.

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How do ice dams happen? An ice dam is formed on a slanted roof when heat from the attic causes snow on the roof to melt. Ice dams are also often the result of a warm attic. So, the key to preventing ice dams is keeping your roof cold. One of the best ways to do so is by ensuring you have proper insulation and ventilation. It is essential your attic is properly insulated so be sure to upgrade your insulation in order to prevent damaging ice dams. Choose an insulation with a high R-value to reduce heat loss by conduction. It is also important to improve attic ventilation. Allowing heated air to escape in a controlled manner will help keep the roof colder which will reduce the melting of the snow. 

It is also important to ensure your roof doesn’t have any leaks or weak spots. When ice dams form, water then builds up behind the ice dam where it can seep under shingles and into the house. The tell tale sign of an ice dam is a lot of icicles or a large icicle hanging from the roof. You might also find ice in your gutters or downspouts which will cause water to back up behind it and into the house.

You can also help protect your roof by removing snow from your roof. But be extremely careful and don’t try to chip through any ice as this can cause damage to your shingles. And, if you have leakage from an ice dam and can’t rake the snow off the roof, the best way to get rid of the ice dam is to hire a residential roofing contractor to steam it off.

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How to Know When it’s Time to Replace Your Business’s Roof

Whether you’ve owned your business location for decades or you just recently moved into the neighborhood, it is essential to be aware of the health of your business’s roof. The roof is your business’s first line of defense against the elements so you don’t want to neglect to identify when your roof could use some work. Not only does it protect your business and its employees, it also shows your customers, clients and visitors how you care for your business and take care of it. It can even increase the value of your property if you ever intend to sell. So, how is your commercial roof? Here at JTR Roofing, we are the trusted commercial roofing contractor for the Hudson area, providing quality, professional roof installation and repair. That’s why we’ve put together some expert advice to help you know when roof repair or replacement is in order.

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So, how do you know when your roof could use some work? General deterioration and telltale signs of wear and tear on your current roof is often your best indicator that you should call a commercial roofing contractor. The average lifespan of a roof is roughly two decades. If your business’ roof is nearing this point, you should consider having it looked at by a commercial roofing contractor. If age is not an issue and all is going rather smoothly, minimal leaks and there is zero rodent access; simply replacing damaged shingles should allow for proper roof functionality for years to come. Your commercial roofing contractor can help you decide what is needed for your roof.

Ready to get started but are unsure what type of roofing is right for your business? Talk to our commercial roofing contractor and we can give you some estimates as well as tell you more about each type of roofing material. We can also help you determine if a roof replacement or roofing repair is in order. Why waste your time and ultimately your money on a repair if it’s only going to lead to roofing replacement in a few months? When it comes to a business, we know how important this can be and we will be sure to recommend what’s best for you.

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Why Fall is the Ideal Time for Roof Replacement

Have you been putting off essential roof repair or replacement? Whether you own a home or a business, it is essential to have any roofing issues addressed before the winter hits. If you have either been told you need to need to replace your roof or if you just have a strong inkling that something needs to be done, you’ll want to take care of it before the first snowflake falls. As the expert roofing contractor for Maplewood and the surrounding areas, we’d like to tell you more about why fall is a great time for roof replacement and repair.

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Regular maintenance and inspections can reveal any damage to your roof or potential issues that could compromise your roof system later on. Inspections are best performed in spring and early fall. If you missed a spring inspection, you will want to schedule an inspection, replacement or repair before cold weather hits in just a few months.

Autumn means that winter is around the corner. A clear day with optimum temperatures makes it easier for your roofing contractor to install roofing systems. Of all the seasons of the year, autumn is the perfect time for roof repair and replacement projects. It’s during this time that scorching heat waves are finally over and the brittle cold is still a ways off.

If you have any leaking or other types of issues now, think of how ice and freezing rain will affect your roof now through the spring. Melted snow can seep into open cracks and when it refreezes, any crack you have will widen and increase the chances for leaks and even interior mold.

Once you make the decision to repair or replace your roof, you should always be sure to hire the best roofing contractor in order to get the job done safely, efficiently and professionally. It’s a best practice to contact at least three contractors when planning to have your roof replaced. Getting multiple quotes provides variety and will ultimately result in the best value.

And, by getting the work done in autumn, new shingles have enough time to bond to the roof before wet winter weather arrives. This helps them better insulate your home from cold temperatures and moisture. By roofing in the autumn, you’ll be able to reap the benefit of a better insulated home in the cold winter months.

So, take advantage of the ideal conditions that autumn provides and have a trusted roofing contractor check your roof. It’s a good investment for such an important aspect of your home.

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Prepare Your Home for the Harsh Months Ahead with New, Efficient Siding

Summer is coming to a close and the cold weather will soon be upon us. Is your home ready to battle the harsh Minnesota winter? One of the most essential elements to an energy efficient home is proper siding. Homes with damaged or outdated siding can see higher heating bills and other issues. Make your home beautiful again and your household cozier all winter long with new siding! Here at JTR Roofing, we are the siding experts for St Paul and we’d like to tell you more about what makes this a great time of year to plan your siding installation.

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After a number of Minnesota winters it may finally be time to replace your home’s siding. Doing so will help ensure that your home looks beautiful and runs efficiently all year long. And, now is a great time to start any home improvement project; especially siding installation or repair. The weather is cooling down but isn’t too cold yet for home exterior projects like siding. Sealing materials adhere faster in temperate weather as well so you can enjoy shorter waiting times.

The beginning of fall also doesn’t typically see much rain or snow so you should have no problem preparing or scheduling your siding installation project. 

Replacing your siding in fall isn’t just a regular home improvement project, it gives you an opportunity to winterize your home as well.  A siding installation is also a great time add a house wrap to your home, which can protect your interior walls from moisture, and greatly reduce heat loss as well. Even if you don’t go for house wrap, your siding installation will give you a chance to seal gaps in old, aging siding, which can let in drafts and cold air during harsh weather.

A contractor from JTR Roofing can evaluate your building design and help you determine if additional weatherproofing features are needed. Now pour yourself a hot cup of pumpkin spice because with new siding, you’ll be cozy and toasty all winter long.

Don’t delay this essential home improvement project any longer! Schedule your fall siding project today and the experts at JTR Roofing can help you choose the right siding for your unique St Paul area home. Call us today at 651-777-7394 or Contact Us to learn more about what siding can do for you and your home. 

All You Will Save with Energy Efficient Windows

Did you know that replacing old, outdated windows with new, energy efficient ones can come with a variety of unique benefits for your home, the environment and your wallet? Getting energy-efficient windows for your home is widely considered one of the best ways to cut down on drafts and save money on heating and cooling bills. But did you know they are also easier to clean? To help you understand all you can help save with window replacement for your St Paul home or business, the experts here at JTR Roofing are here to offer up some essential information.

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First of all, most older windows only have a single pane of glass. These single pane windows allow heat to escape during the winter and cool air conditioned air to slip out in the summer. This causes your heating and cooling systems to work overtime, struggling to keep the air inside your home temperate. However, energy-efficient windows have two or even three panes which help keep in favorable air in, allowing your heating and cooling systems to work as they should. Window replacement is an essential part of any efficiently running home, keeping heating and cooling costs where they need to be. In fact, the U.S. Department of Energy estimates that people can save between $126 to $465 a year by replacing single-pane windows in their home. 

Window replacement is the less-expensive way to reduce energy costs. If you’re looking to reduce your home’s energy costs, window replacement is a great, affordable place to start. Not to mention they offer a variety of other benefits you will love.

New windows are also easier to clean! New window options include double-hung and sliding windows for convenient cleaning. Also, the old-style aluminum and wooden frames often leaked moisture, were heavy and difficult to clean. The windows of today are usually double sliding, with tight frames, are lighter and have none of these problems.

And don’t forget window replacement can also add value to your home when it comes time to sell. New windows are one of the most important items on a home buyer’s checklist and having them can help sell your home faster and at a more desirable listing price. It’s even possible to recoup a large percentage of the purchase price of your replacement windows when it comes time to sell your home.

Energy-efficient windows are also excellent at reducing noise pollution. Many report that exterior noice becomes muted once they’ve had window replacement performed on their home.

Whether you are selecting windows for new construction or to replace existing windows, it’s important to choose the most efficient windows you can afford that work best for your home and climate. The experts here at JTR Roofing can advise you on the best windows to choose for your window replacement. 

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