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Roof Replacement Stillwater

How long has it been since your roof was first installed? Have you checked it recently for any damage? If it’s been a while since your roof was installed, and you notice new damage frequently that requires repairs – it may be time to get a new roof! As the trusted company for roof replacement in Stillwater, JTR Roofing provides skilled contractors who can come to your home or business to fully assess your roof. Once their assessment is complete, we can let you know whether we would recommend a new roof altogether or simply repairs.

We care about our reputation, so each recommendation we make is based on which option will ensure the longevity of our work. No one wants to pay for extensive roof repairs, only to have to have it fully replaced within a year – and that’s why we take our assessments and recommendations seriously.

As the first line of defense against the elements – rain, snow, sleet, wind, hail and more – the roof of your home is important. Keeping it in good condition protects the rest of your home from water and storm damage.

roof replacement stillwater

Our decades of experience provided us with the knowledge required to replace or repair any roof. As professional roofers, we can also make recommendations about which type of roofing material is best for the weather we receive and your home. We only provide roofing materials that can survive the harsh weather here in Minnesota, including:

  • Metal
  • Slate
  • Asphalt shingles
  • Cedar shake
  • Flat
  • Sloped
  • And more!

Have you noticed any problems with your roof? Don’t delay in giving us a call! We can answer any questions you may have about roof repairs or replacements, and we can provide a free estimate while we are at it!

Roof Replacement from JTR Roofing

Since 1992, JTR Roofing has been providing excellent customer service and roofing, including roof replacements. We are proud to serve the entire Twin Cities area with roofing, siding, gutters, windows and more! No matter what the exterior of your home needs, we aim to be your home exterior contractor.

Plus, we are a family owned and operated company – meaning that we continuously strive to be someone you can count on and won’t be satisfied with our work until you are too.

Whether your roof is simply getting older or you have experienced storm damage that is too extensive for repairs – JTR Roofing is here to help! We have experience working with insurance companies while repairing storm damage too.

Is it time for your roof replacement? Give us a call to learn more about the range of home exterior services that we offer!

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