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Roof Repair Roseville

roof repair

When the winds blow and the rain and snow seem to never end, it is certain that we are grateful for a warm home and a roof over our head. However, these often-harsh weather occurrences can do more than just bring a chill to our bodies – they can actually do a significant amount of damage to our home’s roofing. After all, the roof is the first line of defense against the ravages of the weather, and as such, it is vital that we do our part to keep it strong and secure.

But like any part of our home, it occasionally becomes necessary to have roof repairs made. This might be due to age or damage due to weather, but when the time comes, it is not something that should be ignored or put off. Rather, to ensure your Roseville home lasts for many more years to come, it is vital that the roofing concerns be taken care of promptly. For roof repair in Roseville, you can count on JTR Roofing.

Types of Roof Repairs in Roseville

Roof repairs, while typically not something dealt with on a regular basis, are part of owning a home. Being aware of the signs of needing a roof repair, can save you time and money, as well as prevent the need for an extensive roof replacement project. If you notice any of the following, be sure to contact the JTR team, as soon as possible!

  • Leaks – Minor leaks or seeing strips of light coming through the ceiling in the attic need to be dealt with sooner rather than later. Make time on a sunny day to explore your attic and look for any indicators of sunlight seeping through. Note any place that might have sun showing, and then be sure to bring in a pro.
  • Energy Costs – Have your energy bills continued to get higher? If so, then there is a good chance air is escaping through the roof.
  • Mold – Take a walk around your home from a vantage point where you can see the roof. Look for any signs of moss growing. Seeing it is a sure sign that moisture is being allowed to collect and mold to grow.
  • Numerous roofing repair jobs – If your roof is beginning to look like a patchwork quilt, then you might want to forgo the small roof repairs, and just go ahead and get a new roof.

Hire JTR Roofing Special for Your Roseville Roof Repairs

We can take precautions and opt to use the best quality shingles we can, but there will still be times that wind, rain and even age take a part in causing one’s Roseville roof to need repair. If you have questions about the status of your roof, then give the pros at JTR Roofing a call at 651-777-7394 or contact us.

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