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Roof Repair Oakdale

roof repair

If you have lived in your Oakdale home for a number of years, then it is likely you have made an assortment of upgrades. Some of the changes might be minor elements you can do yourself, while others were larger, more time consuming and required calling in the professionals. It is these larger jobs that can often be the most intimidating – one of which is roof repair.

If you have never had your Oakdale home’s roof repaired, then don’t stress. It isn’t nearly as overwhelming as it might sound! However, it is important that you work with a reputable team that understands the type of roofing repair(s) to make, and who is able to provide you with solid information (cost, job duration, payment schedule, warranties and guarantees, etc.) about the job at hand.

Common Roof Repair Needs in Oakdale

You may have already noticed an issue that requires roof repair in Oakdale. However, if you are wanting to take proactive action and do a general roof inspection to determine your roof’s status, there are several elements to check. As you sight check your roof, be sure to consider the following:

  • Hail Damage – Hail can be quite damaging to your roofing. From knocking off the granules that lend to the shingle’s ability to block UV rays, to tearing or puncturing the shingle, hail can wreak havoc. Be sure to always check your roof after a storm – especially when hail was involved!
  • Missing Shingles – While sometimes shingles simply fall off due to age, a more common cause is strong wind. If high winds have occurred, be sure to inspect your roof – and perhaps yard – for any missing shingles.
  • Flashing -If you have vent pipes on the surface of your roof or have a chimney, periodically check to see if the flashing is properly secured, so water cannot trickle down between your shingles and cause serious damage.
  • Gutters – These are necessary elements for your home, but if they are not properly secured or not cleaned out then roof problems can develop that require repair. If debris such as sticks or limbs are allowed to remain in the gutters, they can rip or tear the shingles, as well as cause the gutters to sag and pull shingles away from your roof.
  • No Chimney Cricket – This is a small roof built behind the chimney. Its purpose is to direct water and debris around the chimney and off the roof. If your home does not have one of these, then you will need to check the area around the chimney flashing more often to determine if the flashing is secure.

If you notice any of these issues occurring on your roof, then don’t delay in contacting an Oakdale roof repair team such as the pros at JTR Roofing. After all, you don’t want to discover there was a problem that could have been eliminated!

Contact JTR Roofing for You Roof Repair Needs

When you need roof repair done to your Oakdale residence, don’t put it off – the problem will only get worse. Contact the roof repair specialists at JTR Roofing at 651-777-7394 today to get started.

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