How Temperature Changes and Condensation Affect Your Roof

Published: February 15th, 2018 | Category: Roofing
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Winter has been wreaking havoc on your roof all winter. With spring just around the corner, we thought we’d discuss one of the major ailments that can affect a roof: condensation. This is a popular time of the year for issues to arise and roof repair to be scheduled. Condensation, as a cold snap dissipates and the air warms, can cause some big problems. When left unchecked, it can cause a lot of damage and the need for expensive roof repair for the interior and exterior of your home is imminent. Here are a few questions we’ve received about condensation. If you find yourself in the need for roof repair in Maplewood, give the experts here at JTR Roofing a call.

What is condensation?
When tiny drops of water appear as a result of warm, moist air coming into contact with a cold surface.

What causes condensation? The rising hot air in your attic combined with cold outside temperatures can result in moisture inside your home. The water can also become trapped between the roof and your insulation. Leading causes of roofing condensation are inadequate ventilation and insulation. Shoddy workmanship during roof repair or installation may be another contributing factor. It is important to hire professionals in roof repair to avoid this type of issue.

What causes it to affect the home?
Poor ventilation, poor insulation, and or high relative
humidity in the home.

What are the signs?
Roof condensation often goes on for quite some time before it’s noticed. Signs of water damage appear in the attic before spreading into ceilings and walls. Without a professional inspection, you may not know for sure. Condensation can create moisture in the attic, water stains on the ceilings and damp spots on the walls.

What’s the worst-case scenario if left unchecked?
If condensation reaches the wooden roof rafters and trusses without proper roof repair, the structural integrity of the roof may be compromised. Without proper support, the roof could sag, rot or even collapse.

What are the solutions?
Proper ventilation and insulation, keeping the relative humidity at the lowest comfortable levels when it is subzero outside and proper, professional roof repair are all great solutions. Experts in roof repair like those here at JTR Roofing can make sure that your attic space has the proper airflow and materials to allow moisture to effectively escape.

So, before this cold snap turns into condensation in your roof, contact the professionals in roof repair today! For more information on roof repair in Maplewood, call JTR Roofing, roofing contractor, at 651-777-7394 or Contact Us.