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Maplewood Deck Repair

Deck Repair Maplewood

Have you noticed areas of your deck that could use some TLC? When your deck is in need of necessary repairs, it can really put a damper on backyard activities. It can also be unsafe. That is why when your deck has loose boards, broken railings or rotting steps, it is essential to have them addressed as soon as possible. It is also best to enlist the experts. If done incorrectly, shoddy deck repair can cause major problems down the line. At JTR Roofing, we are experts in deck repair for Maplewood and can fix a variety of issues that decks typically exhibit, including:

  • Loose boards
  • Pest-infested wood
  • Broken railings or steps
  • Loose support beams
  • Wood splitting
  • Rot and mold
  • And more

Whether your deck needs a complete overhaul or just a few touch ups, we can help. We have years of experience working on home exteriors. Our deck repair contractors can take a look at your deck, assess its current condition and provide a free estimate for the repairs and upgrades that are needed.

Benefits of Deck Repair from JTR Roofing

In need deck of repair done by seasoned professionals? Every year it is essential to give your deck a thorough inspection to make sure that no structural problems have evolved and that no major construction work is needed. And, when it comes to wood decks, maintaining a consistent stain can have a drastic effect on the value of your home. So, if you’ve noticed any discoloration, sanding and staining can help bring your deck back to its natural color and looking its best again.

For all essential deck repairs, look no further than JTR Roofing! JTR Roofing is a trusted contractor in the area providing quality, professional roof, deck and siding installation and repair. We handle all kinds of exterior projects including deck repair with prompt service, excellent workmanship and the finest materials.

Here are a few options for your deck so you can choose the best material for your needs and budget.

  • Pressure-Treated Lumber. The most common and economical choice for a deck.
  • Redwood and Cedar. Woods naturally resistant to rot, decay and insects.
  • Tropical Hardwoods. There are several exotic woods available for decks that are extremely hard, durable and naturally resistant to rot and insects.
  • Composites. This is the fastest-growing decking material. These are composed of wood fibers and recycled plastic, creating a weather and stain-resistant board that won’t splinter, warp, rot or split. It’s also very low maintenance.
  • Aluminum. Although not as common, aluminum is an option that won’t rot, rust, warp, splinter or crack. It’s also resistant to weather, mold and slipping.

Whichever material you choose, our team can repair, replace or put it together for you. Give us a call for an estimate on all your deck, window, roofing, gutter, remodeling and exterior home needs. And, then follow up with a deck repair appointment today!

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