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  • Window Replacement: An Essential Home Renovation this Spring

    Window Replacement: An Essential Home Renovation this Spring

    JTR Roofing News May 18th, 2020 JTR Roofing, Inc.

    With homeowners’ attention turning to the more essential areas of home renovation, we here at JTR Roofing would like to discuss window replacement. Window replacement can not only offer aesthetic enhancements for your home but improve your home’s overall efficiency and value. Energy costs make […]

  • All You Will Save with Energy Efficient Windows

    JTR Roofing News August 18th, 2019 JTR Roofing, Inc.

    Did you know that replacing old, outdated windows with new, energy efficient ones can come with a variety of unique benefits for your home, the environment and your wallet? Getting energy-efficient windows for your home is widely considered one of the best ways to cut […]

  • Spruce Up Your Home’s Exterior this Spring!

    Spruce Up Your Home’s Exterior this Spring!

    JTR Roofing News March 24th, 2021 JTR Roofing, Inc.

    Spring means it’s time to spend more time outside, enjoying the back yard and taking walks in the neighborhood. So, it makes sense to invest some time and energy into sprucing up your home’s exterior; from the windows to the roof. So, as the experts […]

  • Is the Fall Time for Window Replacement?

    Window Replacement September 28th, 2018 JTR Roofing, Inc.

    With the daily cost of living ever increasing, we are always looking for ways to save money. And, there’s one daily expense that often goes overlooked; the energy bill. Energy costs make up a significant part of the monthly budget so in turn, it’s important […]

  • Baby it’s Cold Outside…Keep the Cold Out with Window Replacement

    Window Replacement November 26th, 2017 JTR Roofing, Inc.

    It’s that chilly time of year again! Are you tired of putting shrink wrap plastic up over your old, outdated windows? Or trying a number of other energy saving techniques each year to help curb the cost of your high heat bill? These techniques can […]

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