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Storm Damage Repair Lake Elmo

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Was your home damaged by a recent storm? Hail, heavy rain and wind can wreak havoc on your home’s exterior. As experts in siding, roofing, windows and more, we provide storm damage repair for Lake Elmo and surrounding areas. If your home is damaged, let our expert team assess the damage and schedule repairs. We will even work with your insurance company.

Storm damage to a home is something you don’t want to ignore. Your home’s roof and siding are its first line of defense against the elements. If these components are compromised, you are opening your home up to further damage. The longer repairs are delayed the more costly the repairs may be. Take care of your home so it can take care of you.

Steps to Take After Storm Damage

Once the storm has rolled through, there are some important steps you will want to follow.

1. Check your home for damage

Once it is safe to go outside, you will want to check your home for damage. It may not be immediately obvious. Keep in mind there could be slippery areas, downed electrical lines, debris and other hazards.

2. Assess the damage

The roof is often the most susceptible to storm damage, so check for holes, missing or broken shingles, granules collecting in gutters, or leaks in your ceiling. See what you can from the ground. If you have a ladder and can safely inspect the top of your roof, you can do that as well. Siding and windows can also be damaged so walk around your entire home and take photos of all the damage.

3. Contact insurance

If you have home insurance, you should get compensation for storm damage. You will need to document everything with photos as well as any costs associated with the damage. Your insurance provider will instruct you on next steps.

4. Avoid additional damage

There may be some immediate things that need fixed or patched right away. For instance, if there’s a hole in the roof, you will want to get that patched at least temporarily to prevent further water damage.

5. Choose a contractor

Start asking around or searching online for reliable contractors. There will often be fly-by-night companies that will come through after storm damage. Be wary of these. They may do the repairs but will then disappear and not be available if more work is needed. It’s best to trust a local company that has a good reputation.

Once you have a contractor, you can schedule the repairs with them, and they will coordinate payment with your insurance company.

Contact JTR for Storm Damage Repair

When you need a reliable contractor for storm damage repair in the Lake Elmo area, call JTR Roofing at 651-777-7394 or Contact Us. We will get your home fixed and ready to weather the next storm that comes.

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