Debunking Popular Roofing Myths

Published: July 20th, 2017 | Category: Roofing

There is a lot of misinformation floating around out there about roofs, roofing repair and maintenance. Because your roof is so essential, it is important to keep track of what is and isn’t true in the world of roofing, and of course, that you choose a roofing contractor you can trust. At JTR Roofing, we specialize in roofing for St. Paul and the surrounding areas, and we would like to debunk a few roofing myths that might have otherwise mislead you. It’s important to get the facts straight so you know exactly what to look for in the condition and repair of your roof.


Myth: Roof inspections aren’t that important.

A roof inspection by a professional roofing contractor, like the ones at JTR Roofing, is a necessity. Not only is long-term maintenance a requirement for many roof warranties, but regular roof inspections could help you save time, money and hassle in the long run. The sooner a roof problem is noticed by a roofing contractor, the sooner it can be fixed.

Myth: My roof is fine as long as it’s not leaking.

How old is that roof of yours? Is it the original roof on your home? Has it been patched up over the years? These are questions you will want the answers to. Each roof type has a shelf life. You will want to know its age—the older it is, the more likely you will be to have to opt for a roof replacement.

Myth: When shingles fall off, I just need to worry about replacing the shingles.

Roofing tiles and shingling do fall off over time and these items can easily be replaced. But if those shingles tend to fall off from the same spot over and over again as time passes, this may point to a larger problem. There could actually be a hole and therefore a potential leaky spot. A roof replacement may be in your best interest in some cases.

Myth: You can cover a layer of existing shingles with a layer of new ones.

False! The best way to make sure that your new roof will not leak and will remain in good shape is by ripping off all of the old shingles before putting the new ones on. The wood sheathing underneath the shingles can rot because of leaks and other damage, so it is best to make sure all parts of the roof are replaced if need be. The roofing experts at JTR Roofing can help determine if simple repairs or a replacement is needed.

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