Essential Remodeling Tips for Your Home Exterior

Published: August 10th, 2018 | Category: Home Exteriors
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Considering a home remodel? A great place to start is with the home exterior. After all, it is the first thing people notice when passing by or visiting. But you may be asking yourself ‘Where do I begin?’ As a professional remodeling contractor for Lake Elmo and the surrounding areas, we’ve come up with a list of essential tips to help you get started.

First, find a remodeling contractor you can trust and depend on. The quality of the workmanship will make a huge difference on the structural soundness of your home; especially when it comes to exterior remodeling like windows, siding and roofing. It is also important you hire a remodeling contractor that specializes in these types of projects and not just in simple aesthetic remodels. At JTR Roofing we are a remodeling contractor specializing in roofing, siding and window replacement. We can be your go-to remodeling contractor to cover these three essential bases.

Also, spend as much time researching your ideas about exterior remodels and if you’re unsure then consult with your remodeling contractor on possible ideas. It can also be a good idea to look at similar homes with the same concept before you commit to a remodel.
It is also important to remember to balance durability and functionality with aesthetics. For example:

  • Windows. Windows are one of the most important things to replace if outdated. These can be make-or-break when it comes time to sell your house as many homebuyers want a home with new, efficient windows. The style and design of your windows can also definitely step up the look and appearance of your house. But it is important you consider both. Your remodeling contractor will be able to help you choose the windows for your home that offer both function and style.
  • Siding. Another thing that can increase the style, value and efficiency of your house is the siding. Make sure you have any old, damaged siding replaced with something new. You can choose from a variety of siding materials your remodeling contractor has to offer.
  • Roofing. Roofing can not only drastically improve your home’s functionality, but it can also look great too! Your remodeling contractor should be able to offer you a variety of types and styles of roofing to choose from to complement your home and siding.

And finally, know what you want in the end. Before you decide how to renovate, you need to know what your end goal is for your exterior remodeling project so you can tell your remodeling contractor what you’d like.

Our team of home remodeling experts are ready and willing to answer any and all questions you might have. Ready to learn more about our remodeling contractor for your Lake Elmo home? Call JTR Roofing today at 651-777-7394 or Contact Us.